oreinoi Hikikomori

 Date of Release – 24.02.13
 Hikikomori is a journey into solitude, the place where are produced amazing landscapes and monsters more frightening than any living being can imagine. Some animals can’ t live alone they must live in herds but those who wander outside of that context and tackles an unexplored territory that the constantly is able to opacify reborn, thanks to intense adventures and experiences outside the ordinary.
Hikikomori is a work of great emotional impact, marked by moments of sweet harmony and crazy rhythmic jarring and fragmented




The jouer ju


Milhadim black Tooth

Cielogiallo (OREINOI-rmx)



oreinoi anecoica


Date of Release – 11.11.09

This release contains the first work of OREINOI published on Brusionetlabel under CC license. Ambient toys atmosphere  and glitch agressive digital rhythms which are the elements that characterize an imaginary landscape marked by filled and empty sound introspective, a teetering with a slow crescendo of sensations that distinguishes each track. The digital instrument is the mean to reach a state of mind that in this work I wish to highlight


1-  bodyflax 

2-  john Titor 

3-  bodyflax 

4- cloudkluster